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Linda's Story...

Linda Clarkson lost 50 pounds in her first 5 months on BioSlim!

...then lost another 10 lbs. Total weight lost: 60 lbs. Here's Linda's story in her own words:

"The problem was, that… between my fibromyalgia, and I had a very severe car accident a few years ago, and the three children, and two cesareans, I gained a lot of weight and I couldn't lose anything. I mean, I had no metabolism. I couldn't lose an ounce. I would walk on the treadmill for 2 months, drink tons of water, eat great... and not drop one pound. So I knew that losing weight was impossible for me. And… the first week, first week!... I lost 6 pounds, and that was just HUGE. I mean…that was…I couldn't believe it! And I already felt great. And then by the second week, I started to drop about 2 or 3 pounds a week, on average… after 5 months, its averaged out to 10 pound a month.

"Which... I think is amazing for anybody… especially for me! I mean, if I can do it, anybody can do it, be- cause I don't lose weight. Only now I do!... I mean, when I was 172 pounds, at that point I had finally come to terms that by the end of the year, I'd be 200 pounds. And that was going to be my life, that is just who I was going to be. You know, I was just going to be ugly and fat and miserable, and… that was... I was actually coming to a point of acceptance, which everyone said is really healthy, but it didn't feel very healthy to me. I couldn't even get a good night’s sleep. And… I don't know why my husband did it, he’s never done anything like this ever. It's not the kind of thing he does… but for some reason, he got up cause I'm just sittin' there and he just got up and ordered it! And I got all excited, and thought… well maybe I can do this, I mean, if he thinks I can do it... what's it gonna hurt to try?".....   ( continued )

Kevin's Story...

Kevin lost 153 pounds in his first 7 months on BioSlim!

"I was in pretty poor physical health. I was almost 200 pounds overweight, I had high blood pressure, I was at risk of having a heart attack. When my doctor had the BioSlim formulas analyzed, he told me that it was probably the best herb tonic ingredient mixture he’s ever seen. He said it was no problem taking BioSlim with any of the medications I was taking. And in the end, I lost 184 pounds on BioSlim! I found that watching Dr. Leichtberg talk about being a physician, and losing weight himself, that he has gone through the weight loss program himself. So if he used it and was successful, I could use it and be successful too. And, I also found that using the Hotline was a great attribute, and the Doctor’s Reference Guide was a great help.

"My advice would be, try the program, as soon as you can. Get on it, get your body healthy again, get in tune with yourself. And, you'll feel so much better, so quickly, and change your life, you will not believe it." -- Kevin Oliver

Larry Murphy...

Larry lost over 200 Lbs!

"I lost almost the full 200 pounds in just my first 6 months on BioSlim. My wife was worried about me. She saw the stress I was in, and saw the extra weight, and it worried her, because I would breathe heavily, and I'd also snore… and one of the big benefits of this has been that I don't snore anymore, and she’s elated with that. I can stay in the room, and she doesn't have to throw pillows at me or shake me, or wake me up through the night… so that was a big benefit. The thing I really liked about BioSlim was that the doctors talked about it, and it was all natural. And that was important to me, I didn't want anything that would injure me, or do a quick fix. I wanted long term results, and this has been really life-changing for me. I was 487 pounds… and when I started BioSlim I would go every week to the doctor's to weigh myself.

"In the first few weeks, the first week I went, I got on the scale and I had lost 20 pounds. The subsequent weeks, I lost approximately 15 pounds each of those weeks. And it varied from week to week. But the least amount of weight I've lost in one week has been 5 pounds. And the most I've lost in one week has been 20 pounds. And I mean, my doctors, they're just astounded! Because every time they see me, I've lost weight. And they tell me I'm much healthier too now than I was. I'm a perfectionist, I'm professional in what I do, and I couldn't control my own weight. And that was something that was hard for me to admit. But now that I have control over it again, it will never control me, I control it. And I thank BioSlim for that. It was very easy, and I thank God and I thank BioSlim for it."

Donna Taylor...

Here is what Donna had to say about her BioSlim experience....

"For me it has been a miracle, because I don't have any of those problems that I had before. The severe highs and lows, the severe cravings, and that... out of control feeling. I have felt completely in control with the BioSlim System."

More Testimonials

"I lost 50 pounds! It is absolutely wonderful. It's a miracle. It's done absolutely everything I could possibly think for me. BioSlim is the way to go."
-- Sandy Komisar

"I've lost 40 pounds and I think the BioSlim System is fabulous. It's allowed me to live my life the way I want to live it, and I don't have to alter my lifestyle for the system, which is very important to me. I'd recommend it to anyone."
-- Jan Green

"I tried every diet in the book until BioSlim. I take a lot of pride knowing that this 150 pounds that I have lost so far has come through natural means. I did it. This is the most that I have lost at any one time. And this is the slimmest I have been as an adult. And I have BioSlim to thank for that. Do it for yourself and do it for the people who love you."
-- Marva Mason

"We have to start doing something for ourselves and this is what the BioSlim System seems to do. It gives us the ability to get ourselves back on track"
-- Ron Schain, D.C.

"BioSlim in my opinion is a far superior product to any that I have ever tried, and I've tried just about every one on the market. I've felt energized, my body feels lighter. I feel great!"
-- Tracy Morris

"The BioSlim System is working miracles with me. I'm not on a regimented diet. I don't have to do much of anything and the pounds just keep falling off!"
-- Joan Paz

"I've tried every diet there is. I truly have. Nothing worked, absolutely nothing worked. I tried BioSlim and it hasn't stopped working. It's so easy."
-- Pat Woodford

"I would call the BioSlim System an easy approach to weight loss, because all you do is take your tablets and follow the program, and it just works like magic. You're not hungry. You eat your meals. And just forget about it. The weight melts off!"
-- Shirley Berryman

Note: The quotes on this page come directly from the people who experienced them. Their opinions and experiences do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BioSlim or Medicus. Some experiences may be extraordinary. As with all matters of health, results will vary from individual to individual.

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