Beware BioSlim Knockoffs

Beware of BioSlim Knockoffs!

While "BioSlim®" is our registered trademark in the United States (for over 20 years), certain unscrupulous companies have been marketing FAKE "Bioslim"-labeled products – mostly online – masquerading as our products. These companies are sometimes foreign-based, sometimes not – but they're always untrustworthy since they are breaking US trademark law by selling any "BioSlim" product in the USA.

These products often have unusual names, like "BioSlim African Mango," "BioSlim BioCleanse," or "Bioslim Garcinia"; or they may include diet "shakes" or "slimming teas" — items that are clearly and wholly unconnected to our original true BioSlim® System.

The latest such fake product products to hit the Internet are "Bioslim Garcinia," "Bioslim Forskolin" and "Bioslim Green Coffee." ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE KNOCKOFFS — FAKE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT MADE BY US OR BY ANY ENTITY RELATED TO US. And yet, they are being sold with our trademarked "Bioslim" name, illegally.

Most important: We know nothing about the safety or efficacy of the fake "Bioslim" products. Given the uncrupulous (and illegal) way they are being marketed, we do not believe it is prudent for anyone to use them.

The products you see in this website are the only genuine American-made, doctor-formulated, BioSlim® products legally available in the USA.

As you might expect, the fake "Bioslim" products have generated many customer complaints. This unfortunately has brought in still other scam entities — websites that deal with "consumer affairs." When some of these sites publish complaints about "BioSlim" knockoffs, they do so without alerting consumers to the fake, knockoff nature of the offending products. Casual readers of such websites can get an utterly wrong impression, never realizing that ALL current complaints about "Bioslim" anywhere on the world relate only to the knockoff "Bioslim" products, and NEVER to Dr. Leichtberg's original, American-made BioSlim® brand — whose quality and efficacy are unsurpassed world-wide.

Here are the facts now: Our original, genuine BioSlim® products generate NO CONSUMER COMPLAINTS whatsoever. For over 20 years, we've helped over 1 MILLION CUSTOMERS with service that is unequaled in the industry. Our one and only consistent goal is maximum customer satisfaction. (For example: we never automatically ship any product to any customer unless it is specifically requested -- a common complaint about the knockoff brands. Also: our return policy is extremely generous. See the link at the bottom of the page for details.)

Two Bottom Lines:
(1) Do NOT purchase a "BioSlim" knockoff thinking it is in any way related to our ultra-high-quality, safe and effective, doctor-formulated BioSlim® System.

(2) if you happen to come across any online negative "reviews" of "BioSlim," check the details – especially the product names – and you will see that they are never about our products, always about the fake knockoffs. Products like "Garcinia," "Forskolin," "Green Coffee," "BioCleanse" and others – are all knockoffs if they include "Bioslim" in their names. We do not make or market any of them. And if you see a description including "shake" or "powder" or "tea" on a "Bioslim"-labeled item — be aware that the product you are examining is not ours and is therefore a knockoff product by definition (if sold in the United States). We do not produce or market any shakes, teas, powders, meal replacements or "cleansers". Also, none of our products contain "Garcinia," "Forskolin" or "Green Coffee."

Our complete line of products may be seen here.

We wish you the Very Best of Health!
Your BioSlim Customer Service Team