About the 'Ask The Doctor' service:

This AskTheDoctor service is for existing BioSlim customers only. This service is meant to help answer certain BioSlim-related questions that may come up from time to time. It is for educational purposes only, and must not be considered a substitute for the care of your own physician. All medical conditions must be under the care and responsibility of your own doctor(s). No communication from Bioslim.com or AskTheDoctor should be considered medical advice or treatment or opinion, but rather only educational in nature.

We will attempt to answer all questions from BioSlim customers expeditiously, providing that they relate to BioSlim in some meaningful way, under the conditions set forth here. Please limit your questions to no more than two (2) per month. We reserve the right to not reply to any question posted here, at our sole discretion, for any reason, at any time. Typical reasons for non-response include, but are not limited to: inappropriate question (not BioSlim-related, not appropriate for the doctor, any question relating to orders, costs, billing, customer service, etc.), question from non-customer, question whose answer is easily available in the Complete Kit or at this website, doctor unavailability. From time to time, our doctor(s) may become unavailable, and answers may be delayed. We reserve all rights to such delays, which may be of any duration, at any time.

All terms in our Conditions of Use & Disclaimers, Guarantee and Return Policy, and Privacy Policy, available as links at the bottom of each regular page in this website, apply to any and all interactions with this AskTheDoctor service. By using this service, you agree to all terms and conditions mentioned and referenced there. All responses from this service shall remain the property of BioSlim and may not be published, quoted, or commercially used in any way without the specific written permission of BioSlim.

How to Use 'Ask The Doctor'

Greetings from Dr. Leichtberg

Please Note: You must be logged in to this site using your username and password to submit your question to the doctor's office.

After logging in, you'll be in the My Account page, which contains a list of links. Click the "Ask The Doctor" link and you'll see the form for sending your inquiry to the doctor's office.

This service is for medical or health-related questions only. All general questions, including billing or shipping inquiries, are handled by our Customer Service department: service@bioslim.com.

Inquiries from non-registrants, or visitors who have not yet purchased a BioSlim product, should be directed to info@bioslim.com.

If you are currently logged in, just go to your My Account page and click on the red "Ask The Doctor" link there.

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