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BioSlim Family Pack

BioSlim Youth System Complete Kit BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit
As seen on TV special - Family Discount 50% off!

Save Up To $88.64!!!

Studies have shown that when family members go on a program like BioSlim together, everyone's results are maximized. To help you and your loved ones achieve all your weight loss goals all at the same time, BioSlim offers the Family Discount KitPack -- the Complete BioSlim 2000 Ultra Kit (for adults) plus the Complete BioSlim Youth System Kit (for children 7+).

You save at least 50% on the price of the Youth System kit with the BioSlim Family Discount KitPack!

SPECIAL OFFER: Double your supply of Vita/Min Plus and SlimTone Formula in both Kits (total of 4 extra bottles) for a 1-time special price of only $34.95.  These bonus bottles add one full month to your initial supply of Formulas for both Kits, and can only be purchased at this ultra-low price now, with your Complete Kit.

   YES!  Please add this special one-time offer to my Family Pack order.

*Actual savings range compared to Kits purchased separately: $49.74 to $88.64 - depending on shipping options.