The Science of BioSlim

BioSlim is unique among weight loss products because it is a complete program for health and weight loss. Exercise machines that routinely promise weight loss cannot in actuality reliably deliver on that promise, because exercise alone is not enough. Diets too, alone, are not enough. Nutritional supplements – even drugs – alone cannot deliver the desired results, certainly not healthfully. There is only one way known to science to lose weight healthfully and permanently, and that is the BioSlim way. Here's why:


There are 3 main parts to the BioSlim program – the Formulas, the Food Plan, and the Activity Plan. Each of these three parts acts individually to positively influence the user's metabolism, in various ways. Taken together, the overall effect of all three major program parts on metabolism is cumulative and very powerful – and the reason why BioSlim is called "the only right way to lose weight".

The BioSlim Formulas have several effects with regard to metabolism. Note first that the Formulas contain a complete nutritional supplementation program, not just a few ingredients designed to help with weight loss. Anyone taking the Formulas need not – should not – take a multi-vitamin. This is because BioSlim is in fact a complete health-improvement program, in addition to its focus on weight loss.

There are several key ingredients in the BioSlim Formulas that aid in weight loss and/or specifically affect metabolism:

  • Green tea extract – Many studies have been published, and it is now recognized by medical science that green tea extract has a significant positive effect on metabolicrate.48-51,53-55,68 The mechanism appears to involve, at least in part, increasing food-induced thermogenesis ("FIT" – see below). A key component of green tea extract (epigallocatechin gallate, aka EGCG) also appears to have a direct reducing effect on appetite.68 Green tea has also been found to act as a significant fatty acid synthase inhibitor (see below), and has many other beneficial effects on the human body51,52,60,68 (see page 3, Health and Energy Level Improvements).
    • To be effective, green tea extract must be properly produced. BioSlim's green tea extract is manufactured via a special proprietary process that maximizes potency and EGCG levels – one of the factors that make BioSlim so powerful overall.
  • Pyruvate – found in several studies to preserve lean body mass during weight loss, increase resting metabolic rate, and even aid directly in the weight loss process in obese individuals.24-32
  • Chromium – has several beneficial effects, particularly in deficiency conditions, including most clearly the preservation of lean body mass during and after weight loss.10,11,56,57,58
  • Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) Inhibitors – reported to aid in weight loss during dieting.38,40 BioSlim contains at least 9 such ingredients in its proprietary herbal formulas.62

The following nutrients, all present in the BioSlim Formulas, have also been linked to increased efficiency of weight loss and/or modulation of obesity risk: zinc20, calcium61, magnesium12-14, pantothenic acid17, coenzyme Q1016, Vitamin A18,19, Vitamin D18,19, Vitamin E18,19.

The Food Plan (described in the Reference Guide64 and in the VideoGuide66) consists of avoiding all added fats, balancing carbohydrates and proteins, and focusing on healthful foods. It specifically avoids the counting of calories, fat or carbs, because those requirements present psychological barriers to long-term success.

Studies have shown that high-fat diets (like Atkins, for example) can actually reduce "food-induced thermogenesis" ("FIT" for short) which is the heat created by the body in response to food ingestion.33-37 FIT is an important component of what is commonly known as "metabolic rate" (or "metabolism" for short). In effect, a lower level of FIT means a lower metabolic rate. Note that FIT has been found to be significantly lower in obese people as compared to normal-weight individuals, and is a large part of the obesity problem.33-37 Since BioSlim specifically reduces the amount of fat in the diet, the fat-caused reduction of FIT is eliminated, thus the user's overall metabolic rate can increase simply by following the BioSlim Food Plan,62,63 especially when compared to high-fat diets like Atkins.

The Activity Plan65 is one of the most powerful features of BioSlim. The program utilizes the latest scientific findings showing that lifestyle activities such as walking, gardening, playing, are just as effective in increasing metabolic rate and achieving fitness as heavy exercise regimens.45,46,47 And importantly, they are much easier to maintain. Since maintaining an activity schedule is by far the biggest challenge for most people, BioSlim's approach emphasizes those elements of the fitness plan that are easiest for users to continue in the long term. Even the best (or most expensive) workout machine or program in the world will not do anybody any good if it is not used. This is the biggest flaw with products that focus only on exercise. In contrast, BioSlim's Activity Plan accomplishes the desired goals of increasing activity and thereby increasing metabolic rate (energy expenditure), and does it the easy, right way – a way most likely to be maintainable by the largest number of users.

In all the above lies the ability of the BioSlim program to make positive changes to a user's underlying metabolism. The Formulas work while taken (and for some time afterward through the sparing effect on lean body mass), while the Food Plan and Activity Plan are designed to effect long-term change.

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra
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