The BioSlim Story

The BioSlim Story The BioSlim Story The BioSlim Story

BioSlim began as a health program in a medical office in 1990. Prior to its release to the general public it went through years of gestation and clinical testing, nurtured by the staff and patients of the Summa Medical Group, and Dr. Josh Leichtberg, MD.

Many people and events led to the development of BioSlim. The process by which it all occurred illuminates much of what is troublesome in both the diet and medical establishments today, as well as what can be done about it. As you will see when you get the Complete BioSlim Kit, change is both necessary and inevitable.

Through his experience with thousands of Summa patients, Dr. Leichtberg developed what became the BioSlim System as the answer to all the confusion and misinformation rampant in the weight loss industry. He developed not only the BioSlim Formulas and the entire BioSlim program, but also the Super BioSlim program (which was later virtually duplicated in the "South Beach Diet").

BioSlim solves all the confusion about weight loss created by such dubious schemes as the Atkins Plan (considered by Dr. Leichtberg to be the "virtually impossible-to-follow high-cancer" diet), ephedra-based formulations (which can kill you, and are now largely illegal), "cortisol control" products (which are completely misguided, as explained here) and all the other unnatural, unhealthful, and unreliable weight loss programs on the market today.

BioSlim is the single best approach to achieving weight loss, and the BioSlim Formulas provide the perfect natural metabolic support and enhancement that everyone who is trying to lose weight needs. To date, over one million people have gone on the BioSlim system... and counting!

BioSlim's latest breakthrough is in the area of childhood obesity, with the BioSlim Youth System the first program of its kind designed specifically for kids. It includes the special, gentle, chewable BioSlim Youth Formulas, plus many tools and services designed to ensure the success of the program for our children.

BioSlim continues to forge ahead with new breakthroughs and products, always with one basic goal in mind: Help people to achieve optimal health and get their extra pounds off quickly, naturally and permanently.

BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)
BioSlim 2000 Ultra
Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 2 Adult)
BioSlim 2-Adults Special
(6 weeks of Formulas for two)
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BioSlim Youth System Complete Kit
BioSlim Youth System
Complete Kit

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Family Discount KitPack - Save 50%
Family Discount KitPack
(2 Kits: 1 Adult + 1 Youth)

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