Can "controlling cortisol" help with weight loss?

Recently, there has been a spate of advertising by companies touting products claiming to aid in weight loss (especially "belly fat") by "controlling cortisol". The FTC has already taken action against two such companies, due to "false and misleading claims". And indeed, the claims are false. There are two problems with this concept: [1] Cortisol is not an obesity hormone. It is a vital part of our endocrine system, and does NOT cause you to gain weight. (If you lost all the cortisol in your body, you would quickly get sick and die.)  [2] There is no way, short of surgery or very powerful, medically-controlled medications, to significantly "control cortisol" in your body. Certainly, none of the products making the claim of "controlling cortisol" can actually do so.

So... not only does "controlling cortisol" not affect your weight in any significant way, it is effectively not even possible to do it in the first place!  This is a total dead end so far as weight loss is concerned.

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