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Linda's Story...

Linda Clarkson lost 50 pounds in her first 5 months on BioSlim!

...then lost another 10 lbs. Total eight lost: 60 lbs. Here's Linda's story in her own words: "The problem was, that… between my fibromyalgia, and I had a very severe car accident a few years ago, and the three children, and two cesareans, I gained a lot of weight and I couldn't lose anything. I mean, I had no metabolism. I couldn't lose an ounce. I would walk on the treadmill for 2 months, drink tons of water, eat great... and not drop one pound. So I knew that losing weight was impossible for me. And… the first week, first week!... I lost 6 pounds, and that was just HUGE. I mean…that was…I couldn't believe it! And I already felt great. And then by the second week, I started to drop about 2 or 3 pounds a week, on average… after 5 months, its averaged out to 10 pound a month.

"Which... I think is amazing for anybody… especially for me! I mean, if I can do it, anybody can do it, be- cause I don't lose weight. Only now I do!... I mean, when I was 172 pounds, at that point I had finally come to terms that by the end of the year, I'd be 200 pounds. And that was going to be my life, that is just who I was going to be. You know, I was just going to be ugly and fat and miserable, and… that was... I was actually coming to a point of acceptance, which everyone said is really healthy, but it didn't feel very healthy to me. I couldn't even get a good night’s sleep. And… I don't know why my husband did it, he's never done anything like this ever. It's not the kind of thing he does… but for some reason, he got up cause I'm just sittin' there and he just got up and ordered it! And I got all excited, and thought… well maybe I can do this, I mean, if he thinks I can do it... what's it gonna hurt to try?

And almost immediately, I think, almost within the first 2 weeks of using BioSlim, I was sleeping, going to sleep, and, without any kind of medication or anything, and sleeping through the night. I used to wake up and not go back to sleep again. Now I'm sleeping through the night, and… and getting a good deep sleep, you can tell, and getting more rest and having more energy. I… I can bounce out of bed. You know, it’s been what? It’s been like seven years since I could bounce out of bed. I can jump out of the car, I can run. I can run! I just couldn't run before… And I have so much energy. I, I feel so much more like my old self again. I can do everything now. I can wear anything. I mean, I can wear anything! I go to the junior section. I, I can actually put on T-shirts that my daughter wears, and she's 11. Except that the chest is a little tight! (laugh) I mean, I have just accomplished the only impossible thing. I mean, it was the only thing that I thought, I knew I couldn't do. I knew. But I did it!

Probably one of the most attractive things to me about this program was knowing that at any time I can call the doctor.

Oh, and the best part, about BioSlim... is being able to play with my children... I mean... I've got a 1½ year old, I've got a 3 year old and an 11 year old. And... not being able to carry my baby around. Always having to have my husband do it. "You have to carry the baby, you have to hold her when she's crying" …I couldn't do it (tearful), it hurt too much. And... I really didn't think that losing weight was going to change that. I thought that was just a health thing... and losing all that weight... I can carry my baby around all day long!... I can dance... Oh, I can dance again! I couldn't dance for years! I can dance in my family room with my babies. Fast dancing, goofing around, pick them up, twirl em around... I can do all that. Isn't that incredible?

On BioSlim, the results were so amazing! I mean we're talking about... amazing results... that you can see on a daily basis. that you can feel on a daily basis. My mother is, I don't know why she's not sick of it. I think she's just so excited for me. I called her every day. Almost every day to tell her: "Mom I lost another pound!" Every stinkin' pound for 5 months, I called my mother. (Laugh.) Called my husband at work: "Honey I weighed in. Lost 2 pounds!" Runnin' in the morning, wakin' everybody up: I lost another pound!" Because you just keep losing it! You know... and you know you're gonna be able to finish.

Its been great! And I can, I can cheat, and screw up, and the video tells you, you know what?... if you mess up, big deal, just keep... just do it again, just keep going.

I never felt like I was dieting, I never felt that I was starving. I never felt any kind of pain or suffering. I know that I can eat when I need to eat…

Oh, that's another thing about BioSlim that's fantastic! It's completely adjustable to each individual person. I mean… I have a completely different schedule than a lot of people, I'm up very late. And...I...am on a different schedule than say…you would be on. And BioSlim is the kind of program that adjusts to you!

Let me tell you a story. I was in the store, and I was trying to find a pair of skinny little black pants. And the clerk was going to… I didn't have time, so the clerk was going to go find them for me. And, she says, "Let's see, you look like what, about a 2 or a 3?" Oh My God! Somebody actually looks at me and says I'm a 2 or a 3? Which I am now! I mean, can you believe it?... 5 months ago, I was wearing a size 16!

Before I started BioSlim, I, in my head, I would imagine myself to not be large. And then I would catch my reflection in a window. And I would just be mortified. My head would go down, I would try to hide. But now that I've lost all that weight, if I catch my reflection in a window, I'm still shocked! Because I never expect to see somebody that thin!

I never even told my husband this one. You know another thing that I did? People have always commented on my hair, "Oh, you have this great hair", it made people notice me. And when I got that big, um, I don't look good in short hair. I cut my hair off. I cut it off to here, (tearing, points to neck) because I didn't want anybody to notice me. So, I wanted to be as ugly as I could be, and then they wouldn't notice, you know, the rest of me. And I grew it back... (smile)… now I want them to notice me now!

But I know there's other people out there that are going through what I went through. And I hope that… hope something that I've said will reach somebody. Even if I just get one other person to be able to do what I did. It would be so great. That’s why I wanted to do this interview. I just wanted to help somebody. You know, sitting on their couch, eating, thinking that they have no choice.

Or even somebody who is a little bit lazy! Because... you can be lazy and do this program! That's what's so great about it, you can do BioSlim and be lazy! And you'll still lose weight! I didn't even have to do any exercise, I did no exercise! Can you believe that? Five months, not a stitch. Ok, I took the stairs instead of the elevator, because I couldn't do exercise at first. Now I can! Do you know, before BioSlim, I couldn't even walk… without getting such severe muscle cramps that I couldn't get out of bed for days!? I was literally and physically crippled. After BioSlim, I can walk miles a day, no problem... And I feel fantastic!"

Note: The quotes on this page come directly from the people who experienced them. Their opinions and experiences do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BioSlim or Medicus. Some experiences may be extraordinary. As with all matters of health, results will vary from individual to individual.

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