How BioSlim Works

BioSlim is the most powerful, most healthful weight loss system ever created. Hailed as a medical breakthrough, BioSlim works by normalizing your body's physiology naturally to help get you to your most perfect weight and health.

In contrast to programs based on drugs, surgery, ephedra or other gimmicks, BioSlim works with your body, never against it, to achieve its amazing results. Where other programs try to trick your body into losing weight for a while, BioSlim works by making real permanent, healthful changes. After over 16 years on the market – and over 1 million customers helped – BioSlim is the only truly natural, super-effective way to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently!

The program for adults starts with Accelerator, BioSlim's newest breakthrough, which helps prepare your body and jump-start your weight loss. After 12 days on Accelerator, you switch to SlimTone Formula – the most effective natural weight loss tonic formula available today, plus BioSlim Vita/Min Plus – the system's uniquely powerful, metabolically-active vitamin/mineral/nutrient formula – continuing these all-natural Formulas until you lose all your unwanted weight.

At the same time, you follow the easy, healthful BioSlim food plan and implement the doctor's easy lifestyle suggestions (all described for you by the doctor in the 1/2-hour VideoGuide included in every Complete Kit, and also in the Doctor's Reference Guide book, and the Quick Start Guide). There are no formal exercise regimens to follow! The complete BioSlim System acts immediately on your body to get the weight off quickly and healthfully. The Formulas provide powerful physiological support as the system optimizes your metabolism, allowing your body to shed all its unhealthy, unwanted weight.

The BioSlim Formulas are all-natural, with no drugs, no ephedra, no harmful stimulants. They're powerful and effective, yet safe for all users. (Always check with your physician if you have any special health concern.)

BioSlim also addresses the growing weight/health problem in children with the BioSlim Youth System, with its special chewable wafers formulated just for kids – the BioSlim Youth Formulas – plus all the fun and informative tools kids need to change their bodies healthfully and permanently. The Youth System comes as a special separate Kit.

Over 1 million people have already used BioSlim to help accelerate weight loss and improve health and energy levels – without suffering, and without deprivation or repeated useless "dieting". BioSlim's time-tested Formulas and the Complete BioSlim System give you the tools you need to finally succeed in losing all of your excess weight and keep it off, healthfully and permanently – at any age!

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra program

BioSlim Youth System

BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)
BioSlim 2000 Ultra
Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 2 Adult)
BioSlim 2-Adults Special
(6 weeks of Formulas for two)
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BioSlim Youth System Complete Kit
BioSlim Youth System
Complete Kit

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Family Discount KitPack - Save 50%
Family Discount KitPack
(2 Kits: 1 Adult + 1 Youth)

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