Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

You should experience no ill effects whatsoever. BioSlim is safe and all-natural. However, if you have nutritional deficiencies from years of poor eating habits you may experience some mild changes as your body goes about removing accumulated toxins and waste. A yellowing of the urine is common and normal. Bowel habit might change: they may be irregular at first (either too much or too little), but in the end, they will improve. Please remember: it took years to get where you are today. It will have to take some time to reach your final goal. Along the way, you will notice your body changing -- for the better!

Some stomach discomfort may occur when first taking the Accelerator or the Vita/Min Plus + SlimTone Formula combination. This is usually very easily addressed by simply taking your Accelerator with food, as opposed to 5-10 minutes before food as the label suggests. The effectiveness of the Accelerator will not change, but any minor discomfort you might have felt should stop. As an alternative (or in addition), you may also cut down on your individual dosing -- taking just 1 Accelerator at a time -- till your system gets accustomed to it.

All the BioSlim Formulas are powerful nutritional supplements, loaded with important and highly effective, high-quality nutrients. If you are unaccustomed to taking such high-quality, densely-packed nutritional supplements, it might initially cause some stomach discomfort. But this is always minor and temporary. Just keep going, following the recommendations above.

In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual symptom while on BioSlim, note first that it may have nothing to do with BioSlim and, if it's a significant symptom, should be checked by your physician. To see specific information about changes your body might experience, see the Solving Problems chapter in your Doctor's Reference Guide book (in the adult kit). If you lost your book, it is available in its entirety, in electronic form, in the Reference section of the MyBioSlim area.

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