Does BioSlim contain any ephedra, caffeine, or other harmful stimulants or chemicals?

BioSlim contains no ephedra, no drugs, no harmful chemicals, and no caffeine added to any of its formulas. All ingredients are natural and carefully chosen by the doctor to be both safe and maximally effective. This is true for both the adults' BioSlim 2000 Ultra System and the children's Youth System.

This is why BioSlim is the best possible program for weight loss and health optimization -- it's safe, natural, and extremely powerful.

Note: Though no caffeine is added to any of the Formulas, the Green Tea Extract in the adult Formulas does contain some of the caffeine that is natural to this herb. However, while brewed green tea can contain about one-half the amount of caffeine as coffee, the special green tea extract used in the BioSlim Formulas contains far less, only approximately one-quarter of the equivalent amount of brewed tea.

Furthermore, the caffeine in green tea is bound up with other important and healthful components, such as tannins (catechins) and theanine (an amino acid) -- that act to modulate the stimulatory effect of caffeine, and also slow down its absorption and utilization by the body. The net result is that the natural caffeine in green tea does not generally cause any unpleasant stimulatory effects. Rather, the effect is typically both pleasant and healthful.  The form of natural Green Tea Extract used in BioSlim has been found to be beneficial to human health.

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