What happens when I’ve reached my target weight? Do I continue taking the Formulas?

You do not have to continue taking your Formulas once you've reached your desired weight. You may choose to taper them down or stop them altogether. (Adults are off the Accelerator after the first 12 days, so there are two Formulas you will be on as you reach your goal -- Ultra SlimTone Formula and Vita/Min Plus. Kids have no Accelerator, only the chewable SlimTone Youth Formula and Vita/Min Plus Youth Formula.)

It is recommended that you (and/or your child, if you purchased a Youth Kit) continue taking a good multi-vitamin (like Vita/Min Plus) to maintain general good health, even after you reach your weight loss goals. Some people also prefer to continue taking SlimTone Formula (typically at lower doses) because it helps them to feel energetic and maintain their weight. But this is optional. You will base your decisions regarding the Formulas on your body's signals and needs. This process is described in the material in your Complete BioSlim Kit [see the VideoGuide and the Doctor's Reference Guide (adults) or Lose Weight, Look Great! book (kids)].

The important thing to remember is this: In order to maintain your weight, to avoid regaining the weight you lost, you must continue to follow the basic BioSlim Principles, with or without any of the Formulas. It's simple logic. If you go back to your old ways, you will likely get your old body back. To expect otherwise is to expect magic. The good news is that following the basic BioSlim Principles is easy... and more importantly, it's healthful -- it's the right thing to do for your health and longevity in any event. 

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