How does BioSlim work?

BioSlim is formulated, used and tested by expert doctors to normalize the way your body's metabolism works. For this reason, it is not subject to the failures of most other plans. Rather than attempt to trick your body into losing some weight for a while (as with ephedra or ketosis-based plans like Atkins), BioSlim focuses on optimizing the body's nutrition while at the same time maximizing metabolic rate. It's all done naturally, so you get healthier, not sicker.

How is it done? By using three powerful BioSlim tools: the Formulas, the food plan, and the simple activity plan. These all work together to assure that your body responds optimally to the program, and that you lose all the extra weight you need to lose as quickly as possible. It all happens easily and naturally, without suffering or deprivation.

The BioSlim Formulas, whether for adults or children, contain no ephedra, no drugs, no harmful chemicals, and no caffeine added anywhere (more). Just safe, natural vital ingredients formulated by expert doctors to help normalize your metabolism. Adults begin with 12 days of Accelerator (3 tabs/day), then switch to the SlimTone Formula and Vita/Min Plus products (2 tabs/day each). Children begin and stay with SlimTone Youth Formula and Vita/Min Plus Youth Formula until all the extra weight is lost.

There is no strict "diet" for you to follow. Just simple, easy-to-follow guidelines that allow you to properly adjust the foods you normally eat so that they fit into the BioSlim principles. The food plan is clearly laid out for you in several places -- Videoguide, Reference Guide book, or even the Quick Start Guide. Just choose the one that works best for you. In the kids Youth System Kit, there's also the interactive CD-ROM that kids will enjoy.

The activity plan is simplicity itself. No strenuous exercises, no routines to remember to do, no running to the gym 3-4 times a week. BioSlim pioneered the use of easy lifestyle activities as the better way to achieve long-term results, and our principles have since been verified by several university clinical studies. It's all described for you quickly and simply in your Complete Kit.

When you start BioSlim, you'll not only lose all your extra weight, you'll also feel better than you've felt in a long, long time. And it's all done naturally and healthfully, with no harmful chemicals, no ridiculous, messy, health-destroying powdered "meal-replacements", no testing your urine to make sure you're still in an abnormal metabolic state (ketosis), no pre-packaged, foil-wrapped, nutritionally horrendous "food substitutes", no stimulants to drive you nuts, no tricks.

This is the finest, most effective, most healthful weight loss system ever created. And it's guaranteed to work for you.

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