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Yeast Infections

This is a common ailment affecting millions of people, mostly women, each year. It is an inflammation caused by infection by yeast (fungus). Typically, it strikes as vaginitis, causing itching and discharge.

The most common organism that causes this vexing problem is the fungus candida. This infection can be transmitted sexually, but may also arise internally from the normally present candida in the intestinal tract

Medical treatment usually consists of anti-fungal medication applied to/in the area, and sometimes taken orally.

Preventive Measures: Good hygiene is very important. Loose cotton underwear is highly recommended, as is the avoidance of any hosiery or clothing that blocks normal air circulation. Simultaneous treatment of sexual partners is highly recommended to avoid passing the infection back and forth during and/or after treatment. Sugar should be avoided in all its forms, as should junk food, particularly products containing processed white flour.

Nutrition: This must include a lactobacillus or acidophilus supplement. These friendly bacteria tend to displace fungal elements and other "unfriendly" organisms in the intestinal tract and vagina. Douching with lactobacillus may also be helpful. Garlic, grapefruit seed extract, and caprylic acid have all been used in ingestible forms for this problem.

A well-rounded nutritional program, such as BioSlim, is important.

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