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Prostate Enlargement

This condition occurs in almost 90% of all men, if they get to be old enough. It causes an inability to fully empty the urinary bladder as well as loss of bladder control. Medical treatment often consists of surgery. Recently a new drug, finasteride, has become available and is being touted by its manufacturer as effective in reducing prostate enlargement. Studies have shown a slight reducing effect, with an approximately 5% rate of impotence as the primary side effect identified to date. (See Nutritional Factors below for a much safer, natural alternative.)

Note: the prostate should be examined regularly by a qualified physician to search for the possibility of prostate cancer.

Nutritional factors: Prostate enlargement responds well to a nutritional approach. Zinc is a very vital nutrient. A well-balanced diet with attention to good nutrition is also helpful. Note: The BioSlim program is an excellent choice for people with this ailment.

The most effective non-drug, nutritional supplement, in use for many years, is the extract of the plant seronoa repens, also known as saw palmetto. Results in several excellent studies using this natural extract have been considerably better than those using drug therapy, and with no known side effects. A standardized extract is the best form of this nutritional supplement. I highly recommend this safe, natural approach.

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