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This is defined as a reduction of the total bone mass of the body, which causes the bones to be "brittle". Its prevalence rises with age. Older women are particularly susceptible to this disease, as it is thought that after menopause the hormone estrogen is no longer available in sufficient quantities to keep the bones of the body strong, as it does in younger women.

For years, it was thought that the aggressive treatment of thyroid deficiencies could cause an exacerbation of osteoporosis. Recent findings indicate this is not the case.

Many women are placed on estrogen replacement therapy to prevent osteoporosis. My own view is that if estrogen is needed for other reasons, it should be used. But osteoporosis is best prevented and treated using appropriate dietary factors and physical activity. If nature had intended women to take estrogen after menopause, all women would have little pill dispensers built into their bodies. The fact is that estrogen is one of the primary stimulants of the most common forms of breast cancer, and also abnormally stimulates the lining of the uterus when taken by post-menopausal women-in whom nature intended estrogen levels to remain very low. There is good evidence that the probability of breast and uterine cancer goes up in women taking long-term estrogen after menopause. And recently, the risk of stroke was likewise found increased in these women. And to top this all off, the evidence regarding decreased osteoporosis through estrogen treatment is weak to begin with.

Some will say: "There is no perfect evidence that all these risks are true." But it is far wiser to say: "There is plenty enough evidence to raise serious concern. Therefore, let us be cautious and humble in the face of the natural order of things, unless we can show that there is no risk in doing this thing."

Preventive Factors: The most important preventive factors are: (a) nutritional, and (b) physical activity.

Nutritional factors include the avoidance of sugar and other processed foods, appropriate nutritional intake by or before age 30, including adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin C, vitamin D and a moderate amount of protein. The avoidance of smoking cannot be overemphasized. A diet low in salt is preferred.

A complete, balanced nutritional program is important. BioSlim is perfectly suited for anyone suffering from or worried about osteoporosis. In addition to the BioSlim Formulas, extra calcium and magnesium should be taken, so that the total daily intake is approximately 1000 milligrams of calcium and at least 750 milligrams of magnesium.

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