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Lung Disorders

This category includes many diverse ailments. The most common are infectious (upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia) and obstructive (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or copd).

Some individuals are particularly prone to respiratory ailments. They will suffer some kind of lung illness several times per year, sometimes punctuated by bouts of pneumonia. This situation can often be greatly helped by a preventive approach to the problem, as opposed to treatment limited to the administration of antibiotics for each acute episode.

Asthma is a common disease that can be life-threatening. It is a condition where the tubes that carry air in the lungs (bronchi) contract (narrow) abnormally and excessively, thereby blocking the normal flow of air into the lungs and causing the characteristic wheezing sound that is the hallmark of the disease. The reasons for this abnormal contraction are not fully known, but it is often caused by an allergic reaction to something in the air. Anything can trigger a reaction. Severe, life-threatening asthmatic reactions are known to occur after eating certain foods or food additives, such as the nitrites used in foods like some processed meats and some wines, or peanuts, or really anything to which the sufferer is sufficiently sensitive.

The medical treatment of lung-related diseases usually consists of antibiotics for infections, allergen avoidance, and "lung expanding" drugs for asthma.

Preventive Measures: For people suffering from chronic lung infections, this must include the complete cessation of smoking. Smoking directly and continuously irritates the lining of the lungs, and will cause repeated bouts of infections in susceptible individuals.

Other steps include the avoidance of air pollutants, adequate fluid intake and regular deep breathing. Deep breathing is something that few people do consciously. An occasional sigh is the only opportunity most individuals have to take a deep breath. So it is important to remember to do this consciously and often, especially if you are not exercising consistently.

Regular physical activity can be very beneficial to people suffering from chronic lung infections.

Avoidance of food allergens, particularly all milk and milk products, is especially helpful.

Nutritional Supplementation For Persons With Chronic Lung Infections: Vitamin A (a total of 25,000 I.U. per day with food as an initial dose for no more than 1-2 weeks, after which your multivitamin should suffice), vitamin C and zinc. N-acetyl-cysteine may also be helpful. Echinacea and Olive Leaf powder or extract may be useful for acute infections. Quercetin along with the vitamin C is also beneficial. Note: most of the nutrients listed here are included in balanced form in the BioSlim Formulas.

For Asthmatics, once again, the most important preventive element is the avoidance of smoke.

In addition, asthmatics must avoid cold air, which can trigger an immediate relapse. Avoidance of air pollution is also important, as is the removal of all known allergens (allergy-causing substances). Beds should be changed frequently, on the order of twice weekly, to avoid accumulation of microscopic creatures called mites that can trigger an asthma attack. Air filters, particularly the kind known as hepa, can be very helpful, especially in the bedroom at night. A dry environment in the home is important to prevent the accumulation of molds.

Nutritional Supplementation For Persons With Asthma: Vitamin A, pantothenic acid (a B vitamin), vitamin B6, vitamin B 12, selenium, and especially magnesium may all be helpful. All these nutrients are generally available. All are supplied in the BioSlim Formulas (though you may need to add more magnesium). The herb ephedra is also helpful in many cases as a temporary aid, but should be used with caution and under the care of a health professional familiar with its properties (see Nutrition chapter above for more on ephedra).

Remember: asthmatics can be allergic to anything; be careful when adding anything new to your environment or diet.

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