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Kidney Stones

This is an extremely painful disorder of stone formation in the highly sensitive area of the kidneys and its associated plumbing. These stones are most commonly made of calcium and a substance called oxalate, found in such foods as spinach, rhubarb, dandelion greens, chocolate or cocoa, cashews, almonds, and (non-herbal) tea. All these foods should be avoided by anyone suffering from kidney stones, unless the stones are known to be other than the oxalate-containing variety (such as uric acid stones, sometimes present with gout).

Medical treatment consists of aggressive fluid administration (lots of water), drugs for pain relief, and in severe cases, surgery.

Nutritional Factors: These can be very effective in alleviating this problem, thus possibly avoiding surgery. The most important factors are magnesium and vitamin B6. Aggressive supplementation with these two nutrients alone can have a remarkably beneficial effect. Both are in the BioSlim Formulas (though extra Magnesium should be taken).

Other potentially helpful nutrients include: protein (adequate, but not overly high amounts), vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Individuals with uric acid or cystine stones (only) should limit their protein intake and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep the urine alkaline (non-acidic).

Anyone with kidney stones should drink copious amounts of fluids throughout each day, avoiding dehydration at all costs.

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