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High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

“Blood pressure” is the pressure with which blood is being forced through the body’s blood vessels. Blood pressure rises and falls all the time. For example, exercising naturally causes blood pressure to rise temporarily. This is the way the body is able to get more blood to the parts of itself that need it. It is perfectly normal. Sometimes, though, blood pressure stays elevated, and it is then that it can become dangerous.

High blood pressure is a very common disease, with very few symptoms until it reaches life-threatening levels. For this reason, it is often called “the silent killer”. Usually, the only way to diagnose it is by having your blood pressure checked several times in a row. By the time actual symptoms, such as headaches, nosebleeds, or blurred vision occur, it is likely that an advanced stage of this disease has been reached. The time to treat is before this level is reached.

Hypertension can be caused by dysfunction in such organs as the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and adrenals, but the most common form has no known organic cause and is thus labeled “essential hypertension ”.

Medical treatment usually consists of salt restriction, stress reduction and most commonly, drugs.

The preventive and nutritional factors that can affect this disease are very similar to those listed here under Heart disease/cardiovascular disorders and Cholesterol levels, elevated. Recent work in the field indicates that it is not so much the avoidance of sodium (as in table salt) that is important, as the proper ingestion of sufficient amounts of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that acts in tandem with sodium—in a sense, as a counterbalance to it—in the body. It is found in large quantities in foods of plant origin (vegetables, fruit s, whole grains).

Supplemental garlic and taurine (an amino acid) may also be helpful. Stress reduction is an important tool in controlling blood pressure. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a technique called biofeedback, which is highly recommended.

CoQ10 as an additional supplement can be very helpful in helping to support and improve cardiovascular health, along with calcium and magnesium.

Regular aerobic activity is also very important in the treatment and prevention of this disease.

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