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Hemorrhoids are caused by the pressure of blood in the hemorrhoidal veins, a collection of blood vessels in the area of the anus. The word hemorrhoids is commonly defined as a swelling of those veins. This swelling can lead to bleeding from the affected veins, or pain, or both.

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is constipation, since the pressure of straining at stool causes tremendous backup pressure in the veins of the anus. Therefore, avoidance of constipation, and of all activities that increase pressure inside the abdomen or on the hemorrhoidal veins, should be avoided. (Sit-ups, lifting heavy weights and running, for example, are not good ideas. Swimming and stair climbing are.)

The medical treatment here consists of the avoidance of constipation, sitz baths, and in severe cases, surgery.

Exercise can be very helpful, but as noted, not the kind that increases pressure in the abdomen or on the hemorrhoidal veins. Clothing that is tight around the waist or pelvic areas should be avoided, as should prolonged sitting.

Nutritional factors: Lots of water throughout the day, in conjunction with a high fiber diet, is very helpful. Psyllium seed husks can be helpful as a fiber supplement, with plenty of water. Avoid dairy foods and too many other animal products. Bioflavonoids may help, through their function in helping to strengthen blood vessel walls. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium are also recommended.

The BioSlim System is an excellent one for sufferers of this ailment, as it emphasizes the right balance of foods and is nutritionally correct. Note that the BioSlim Formulas were designed to help keep things moving properly in the bowels, and should therefore be helpful in the prevention of hemorrhoids.

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