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This is a condition where the hormone insulin does not perform its assigned task of regulating the sugar level in the bloodstream, either because of insufficient production by the pancreas or because of its diminished ability to affect the body’s cells (insulin resistance).

Diabetes is a serious disease that afflicts millions of people. Recently, a surge in the incidence of diabetes in children has been reported, and it’s not the "juvenile" kind (which is the kind you are born with) but "adult-onset" (a now inappropriate term), aka Type 2. That’s the kind that comes from being overweight, inactive and eating a poorly balanced diet. I.e., it’s acquired. The CDC now considers diabetes to be at epidemic levels, with 1999 levels rising an unprecedented 6 percent, mostly due to rampant obesity.

Diabetes can lead to serious problems in many important organs and systems, including blood vessels, heart, kidneys, nervous system, eyes, etc.

Treatment of the most common form of diabetes starts with a controlled diet, then, if necessary, drugs.

There are some facts about this ailment that are not well known. The first and most important of these is just how to adjust diet to control diabetes, and how effective this can be. Most individuals, of any age, suffering from acquired (Type 2) diabetes can have their condition controlled without medication, if the proper diet and nutritional program are followed and obesity controlled. Too often, the first treatment is oral medication. Note that drugs for diabetes tend to increase the rate of heart disease and decrease survival rates due to heart-related illness.

BioSlim is perfect for diabetics, and to prevent diabetes! The same food plan and nutritional support that helps people control cravings, lose weight and improve energy levels is also the optimal one for diabetics. In fact, there are many reasons why the BioSlim Formulas and program were originally designed to help optimize the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels: to control cravings, reduce weight, and dramatically reduce the probability of developing diabetes at any age. If you, like so many others, tend to high blood sugar levels, BioSlim is a perfect choice.

Keep in mind: you must be under a physician’s care! Especially if you are on any medication. If you have diabetes and begin following the BioSlim program closely, it is possible for your blood sugar to drop dramatically-on its own! So if you are on medication for diabetes at the same time, the drugs can cause your body to "overshoot" the mark, which can cause a serious episode of low blood sugar, which is far more immediately dangerous than the chronic high blood sugar most diabetics have.

Case History: A 52 year old man, Arthur, came in complaining of increased thirst and urination. He was worried because his father had died of complications of diabetes, and he had heard that his symptoms could be due to that disease. He was right. His fasting blood sugars were elevated to about 400 (normal is up to about 110-120), his urinalysis revealed evidence that his kidneys were starting to suffer from the deterioration commonly caused by diabetes, and there was other laboratory evidence that his diabetes was raging out of control.

I informed Arthur of these facts, and discussed with him what the best approach would be. With a blood sugar this high, I explained, it would be prudent to put him on some form of medication immediately, with a view to reducing or eliminating it when he stabilized. But, I said, if he were highly motivated, we could try, for a limited time, to fix his problem without medication, using only diet and nutritional support.

Arthur was game. He was also quite frightened of the disease, as he had seen what it had done to his father. So he went on the BioSlim program, and followed it religiously.

Within three days, his symptoms disappeared. Approximately four weeks after starting the program, his labs had improved dramatically-the blood sugar and other laboratory parameters were only slightly removed from normal. After eight weeks, all his labs were normal. Currently, his blood sugar indices are on the low side! He is on no medication whatsoever, and feels "great".

There are two important lessons to be learned from this case: (1) the body has an amazing ability to heal and right itself-given half a chance; (2) more specifically, it is vital to carefully watch drug dosing in cases of diabetes when a new diet and health-building program is adopted. Had Arthur been taking blood sugar lowering medication when he started his health program, he would soon have found himself in the same position as a normally healthy person taking the same drugs! Since his blood sugars normalized with no medication at all, with medication they could easily have become too low, posing a potentially serious problem.

If you suffer from diabetes, by all means-start the BioSlim program immediately. But tell your doctor, especially if you are on any anti-diabetes medication. In general, it is usually better to start with too little medication and raise it as needed than run the risk of overmedication.

Children who are obese or exhibit signs of blood sugar instability, or have early "acquired" (Type 2) diabetes, should be started on the BioSlim Youth System as soon as possible. If not, that child is much more likely to end up with full-blown diabetes at a very early age, something that is reaching epidemic levels in recent times. The very serious health problems previously seen only in elderly diabetics are showing up now in young adults! The BioSlim Youth System (also known as BioSlim For Kids) is designed especially for young people-not just the informational material, which is very effective in reaching kids, but also the chewable Youth Formulas, which are made specifically for young people. BioSlim For Kids is by far the best way to get children age 7-15 in shape and out of health trouble.

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