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This is a common reaction to any change of diet. It is most often exacerbated by insufficient intake of water, which is why it is important to drink plenty of pure water (6-8 glasses daily), especially if you suffer from constipation.

Other factors that may contribute to constipation include insufficient fiber in the diet. Of course, the BioSlim program’s food plan is intrinsically high in fiber, but it is possible, by concentrating on the animal products (meat, eggs, chicken, fish, milk), to circumvent the intent of the program and end up with a low fiber diet, since animal products have no fiber. The best way to avoid this problem is to eat lots of vegetables (the green kind are best), some fruit, and if eating grains at all, only the whole kind. If necessary, a psyllium fiber supplement (available in pure form in most pharmacies and health food stores) can do wonders. If you do take a fiber supplement, be sure to drink plenty of water with it and throughout the day, for without sufficient water, fiber supplementation can and will make things worse by congealing in your digestive tract, a bit like concrete would, effectively plugging up your system and worsening your condition.

Lactobacillus (see above under Colitis) can also help.

Activity level is an important factor in preventing and relieving chronic constipation. Especially helpful are activities that involve the mid-section of the body.

The worst way to treat constipation is with a laxative, as it accomplishes nothing permanent whatsoever, and can lead to a dependence on its chemical effect. If truly necessary, the best laxative to try is milk of magnesia, since it does not work chemically on the bowel wall, but rather by increasing the water content of the bowel through an osmotic effect. And it has the side benefit of providing extra magnesium, an essential mineral.

Note: There are many nutritional factors important to maintaining proper bowel balance and movement, and these are generally incorporated into the BioSlim System. The BioSlim Formulas are themselves, in fact, designed to gently help keep things moving along.

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