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In cancer, certain cells grow uncontrollably in the body. We cannot hope to cover the vastness of this subject here, just certain nutritional and preventive aspects, leaving matters of diagnosis and treatment to the personal physician under whose care anyone with this disease should be.

It is worth noting that what passes for "treatment" of most forms of cancer is euphemistically named at best. Cancer "treatment" in the U.S. has been and continues to be a dismal failure. The statistics are terrible. There is considerable question about the advisability of undergoing any of the so-called "treatments" that almost always include chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery, when the success rate is so abysmally low-often virtually non-existent-and the side effects so severe and destructive. But... that is a subject for another time and place.

Preventive measures: The most important methods of prevention just happen to be intrinsic to the BioSlim program. They are: the avoidance of unnatural, highly processed foods; the avoidance of added fats and oils, especially those that are heated; the ingestion of healthful, life-sustaining, cancer-protective, real, recognizable foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, and clean sources of animal protein; the ingestion of sufficient amounts of antioxidants, such as are present in the BioSlim Formulas and in the natural foods that are recommended; and the lifestyle aspects of BioSlim, including the increased activity level, as well as the avoidance of smoking and the searching out of spiritual peace and contentment. The best rule to follow is this: if it’s not natural, avoid it. Get away from the pollution, the stress and the junk food. Do as nature intended.

It should be noted that the incidence of breast cancer is particularly reducible with a low-added-fat diet such as BioSlim. Other cancers influenced by diet and nutrition (especially fat intake) include: in women, endometrial or cervical (those involving the uterus and cervix); in men, prostate; and gastrointestinal cancer (stomach, intestinal, liver).

Other nutritional factors: Many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are significant in the fight against and prevention of cancer, including: vitamin A, folic acid (a B vitamin), vitamin C, vitamin E, bromelain, and the mineral selenium. Each of these is generally available, and each is present in the BioSlim Formulas.

There are, in addition, some fascinating new studies going on now on a variety of alternative natural treatments and preventive measures. There is not sufficient data yet to say definitively that they work, but considering the terrible record of traditional therapy, and the fact that alternative therapies are generally non-toxic and do no harm, they are well worth keeping an eye on.

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