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Back pain

This is the most common reason for lost worker time in the U.S. today. There are many causes for it, including serious spinal column disorders, but the most common is low back strain.

Due to the unique and relatively unwieldy way human beings walk around, tremendous pressures can build up in the area of the lower back. Sitting is the position most problematic for anyone suffering from low back strain, particularly sitting in a position where the knees are lower than the hips; the worst example is the driving position, where the legs are extended downward and outward from the body.

Medical treatment consists of rest followed by special therapeutic exercises, and sometimes, drugs. As always, you should strive to get through your problem without having to resort to drugs (but do see your health professional). Note that your physician is not usually a good source for therapeutic exercises. Try a good chiropractor ("good" is defined here as spending more than two minutes per visit with you-at least 15-20 minutes is needed for proper, personal attention-and not "cracking", but instead, providing gentle therapeutic movements and exercises.) Also, see the BioSlim Activity Planner book (in the Complete BioSlim Kit for adults) for some good ideas, like the wonderful Hip-Psoas-Calf Stretch which helps in many cases, and the other positions and stretches found in the Back and Hips and Problem Solving sections of that book.

Nutritional factors: See under Arthritis.

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