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Adrenal gland dysfunction

The adrenal glands lie over the kidneys, one on each side of the body. Their purpose includes the production of many important hormones that control such important body functions as mineral balance, blood pressure, kidney function, sex hormone function, blood sugar, and the response to stress, among others.

There are many disorders of the adrenals which we cannot address here, but there are two that are notable in that they are more common than the others and they can significantly impact weight and energy levels. The first is adrenal cortical insufficiency. Symptoms are often non-specific and vague, which is why this diagnosis is often missed: fatigue, weakness, weight loss, low blood pressure, nausea and non-specific abdominal pain. Sometimes, there are areas of skin darkening. If you have these symptoms, you should be checked by a physician. Treatment (typically hormone replacement) is usually very effective.

A second adrenal disorder is called Cushing’s syndrome, a condition of too much adrenal hormone production. Symptoms include: weight gain, particularly in the middle part of the body, high blood sugar or sugar intolerance, muscle weakness, easy bruisability, and many others. Each of these symptoms can be caused individually by many other factors. But if you have several simultaneously, you should be checked by your physician. This is a serious but treatable disorder.

While these ailments in their full-blown states are indeed serious, there are people who suffer from mild adrenal insufficiency, making them chronically fatigued and sickly, without actually endangering their lives.

If you have received a clean bill of health from your doctor, and require no specific treatment, yet suffer from some of the symptoms listed here, you should follow the BioSlim program very closely. It is designed, through its diet and activity plans and with the aid of several adrenal-supportive nutrients in the BioSlim Formulas, to help your body normalize its functions, and to help improve your sense of well-being.

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